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Thread: fuerza aerea hindu

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    Indian Air Force Chief Supports Indigenous Astra Missile

    "The IAF has been somewhat dissatisfied with its existing R-77 missiles as they are outranged by Pakistan’s AIM-120C-5 missiles. The Astra, which has demonstrated a range of over 100km against fighter-sized maneuvering targets, is intended to replace the R-77 on the MiG-29 and Su-30MKI and augment the Derby missile on the Tejas."
    Básicamente lo mismo que se ha hablado anteriormente, aparentemente los R77 indios tienen menos alcance que los AMRAAM C5.

    Ahora, por otro lado hablan de integrar I Derby en los cazas rusos...

    India Is Turning To Israel After Its Russian-Made Missiles Turned Into Duds

    “Fully defensive and desperate to escape the incoming AMRAAMs, the IAF Sukhoi-30s escaped being shot down but were unable to retaliate the F-16s because they were out of position and their own missiles, the Russian R-77s, did not have the range to realistically engage the Pakistani fighters. IAF sources told NDTV that the Russian missiles do not match its advertised range and cannot engage targets which are more than 80 kilometers [50 miles] away.
    De nuevo, parece que los publicistas rusos se entusiasmaron demasiado cuando pusieron los datos de desempeño en el catálogo...


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    Default El papel aguanta todo

    Gracias forista red_star

    El Marketing oblige a varias empresas a poner información a veces exagerada ... pero en este caso, India es un comprador importante de material ruso. El desempeño de estos misiles rusos tendra repercusiones en muchos paises a la hora de comprar armamento basado en brochures o promesas sin sustento.


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