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Thread: Submarino Ideal para la MGP

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    Aca el estado actual del mas viejo, el S-30 Tupi


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    "No es la especie más fuerte la que sobrevive, ni la más inteligente, sino la que mejor responde al cambio."

    Charles Darwin

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    Bueno, el título es más bien un click-bait, porque luego ponen que el ser capaz de hacer 'transparente' lo que hay debajo del agua no va a ser posible en la práctica, y que estar debajo de la superficie será mejor que estar encima, siempre y cuando los subs se tornen más sigilosos, y tengan un array adecuado de sensores y armas, posiblemente atacando desde más lejos.

    Por lo tanto, el upgrade y reemplazo de subs va a seguir siendo primordial para la MGP. Todo depende que se haga bien, y se mantengan recursos para poner lo mejor de la tecnología y seguir capacitando a los submarinistas.


    Nonetheless, the real world is a noisy and untidy place. Covering very wide areas with sufficiently sensitive sensors with high bandwidth to link them together and having the ability to respond quickly and effectively to a detection—especially given a likely high ‘false positive’ rate—will be beyond even the best resourced forces. Much more likely is that high performance ASW capabilities will be concentrated on key focal areas, such as around task groups, near naval bases, and chokepoints such as critical sea lanes through straits and narrows. The old model of submarines getting ‘up close and personal’ in their adversary’s strongholds probably doesn’t have much future.

    But in terms of avoiding detection, being under the water will always be preferable to being on top of it. And if the submarine can carry out its mission from a reasonable distance, there’ll still be ocean enough to hide in. To remain viable, future submarines will have to be even stealthier. They will need be able to stand off and deploy medium to long-range sensors and weapons—in a sense perhaps becoming ‘underwater motherships’ for sensor and weapon packages. In fact, as life gets harder on the surface, that ability will become more relevant, not less.
    ‘Never underestimate the power of human stupidity’ - Robert A. Heinlein

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