SHORAD sobre Stryker a usarse con actuales y futuros misiles con cambio de Software.

Boeing used its heritage AVENGER air defence system as one technology baseline for MSL.

“This is a variation of the AVENGER that Boeing started making in 1987 – we built 1,100 of them for the Army. The difference between that old version and this one is the interface of higher technology weapons systems and multiple weapons systems. We can interface with more than one type of missile,” Leary said.

Indeed, the MSL has successfully fired Longbow HELLFIRE and HELLFIRE missiles, Stinger, AI3 missiles 2.75in rockets and other weapons according to a placard mounted on the static display.

Laery continued: “We can multiple different effectors – to include electronic warfare, directed energy – different missiles and even future missiles.

This is very scalable with software ‘tweaks’ and perhaps more, rewriting software code. That is much different and cheaper, than having to buy traditional hardware – so we can add a future missile.”