Russian MoD adopts BMPT Terminator

The Russia Ministry of Defence (MoD) has adopted the BMPT Terminator fire support vehicle, a source from UralVagonZavod (UVZ), its manufacturer, has told Jane's.

“The 'tank support' vehicle known as Terminator has entered service, and deliveries to the Russian military have already started. The first batch has been handed over to the military,” the source said, adding that some 10 vehicles had been delivered so far. “They will participate in the Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow on 9 May,” the source added. He said the BMPT Terminator made its international debut at the DefExpo 2018 exhibition in Chennai, India. “UVZ showed a mock-up of the vehicle to the Indian military.”

Unlike the BMPT-72, or Terminator-2, unveiled at the Russia Arms Expo 2013 show in Nizhny Tagil, the serial production BMPT is based on the chassis of the T-90 main battle tank (MBT). “Combining the Terminator`s chassis with that of the T-90A and T-90S MBTs substantially simplifies the use of the vehicle, reducing maintenance costs,” the source said. The Terminator`s armament suite comprises two 30 mm automatic guns, a medium machine gun, two automatic grenade launchers and four Ataka-T anti-tank guided missiles. “On the battlefield, the BMPT is equivalent to six infantry fighting vehicles and 40 soldiers. The vehicle can engage all types of targets, including small craft and low-flying helicopters,” he claimed.

The MoD acquired an unspecified number of BMPTs under a contract signed with UVZ at the Army 2017 defence show in August. “BMPT was tested under field conditions in Syria,” the source pointed out.