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Scale Aircraft Modelling

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    This is the most comprehensive book on detailing model aircraft ever written. It documents with step-by-step detail and hundreds of closeup photographs how to turn an average model into a detailed masterpiece. Dozens of simple techniques will teach you how to add detail to cockpits; scratchbuild interiors, seats, and seat frames; and add interior details such as piping, switches, and dials. You'll learn how to modify and improve kit-supplied parts; detail engines and intake and exhaust ports; how to add detail to wheel wells and landing gear; how to remove, modify, and reattach control surfaces, hatches, and access panels; and add rigging and control cables to biplanes. An entire chapter is devoted to tips and techniques on everything from seam removal to masking clear parts and applying and weathering decals. Whether your modeling tastes are propeller-driven aircraft from the First or Second World War or the sleek jet fighters of today, this book is for you!

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