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Y esta para los amigos aviadores...

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  • Y esta para los amigos aviadores...

    Hola. Este es un simulador arcade ambientado en un entorno futurista. Se llama Echelon Wind Warriors y esta altamente recomendado. Lo desarrollaron unos rusos en el 2001 y aun para hoy en dia posee graficas bastante aceptables y bien hechas.

    La IA en los dogfights esta bastante bien diseñada y promete mucha diversion. Fulcrum o Christian, a ver cuanto te demoras con estos...


    Asi se ve el juego.

    Werewolf, la mejor nave del juego.

    La caratula

    Descargas... lo siento, solo hay RIP, si alguien lo consigue en ISO mejor...



    Se agradecen las opiniones...

  • #2
    Hola, se ve bueno, aunque algo antiguo.
    aqui traigo los links para quemarlo en su formato original ISO (que es como mejor funcionan estos juegos):

    Echelon Wind Warriors(PC) | 640Mb | English

    Echelon:Wind Warriors is the next evolution in futuristic flight combat that delivers the latest technical and gameplay innovations demanded by today’s experienced game playing audience without sacrificing accessibility for newcomers. Players fly a variety of futuristic aircraft through a number of new missions set on a spectacular continent that takes seven hours of real-time flying to cross.

    - unrar - mount or burn - install full - play
    System requirements:
    PII450 (PII700 - recommended)
    64 Mb RAM (128Mb recommended)
    650 Mb HDD Space (1150Mb recommended)
    Direct Sound compatible sound card
    8X CD-ROM (32X recommended)
    DirectX 8.1

    Review y Comentarios:

    Saludos Cordiales
    Aut viam inveniam aut faciam


    • #3
      Hola nuevamente, otro de Snipers, bastante liviano.

      Marine Sharpshooter 3 RIP Version
      PC | ENG | RIP | 255.2Mb

      Marine Sharpshooter 3 gives players the chance to step into the shoes of a United States Marine Corps Sniper/Spotter team. The latest incarnation of the MS allows players the ability to play as both the sniper and the
      spotter. The entire single player campaign is accessible in co-op. Players can team up to work their way through the story. Multiplayer features two exciting modes, Sniper Teams - an objective based game where 8 sniper spotter teams face off - and Deathmatch - a fight to death. Mission objectives range from taking out enemy personnel and equipment to providing tactical recon for advancing USMC elements. Each mission has several primary and econdary objectives that must be completed in order to be successful. How and where these objectives are achieved is left up to the players. There are multiple ways to successfully achieve each objective.

      System Requirements:
      Windows 2000/XP
      Pentium 4 2 GHZ
      256 RAM
      1,5 GB Disk
      DirectX 9.0c (ATI Radeon 9600/GeForce 4 Ti4600 )

      Install Notes:
      1) Unpack (use unpack.bat)
      2) Start Setup.bat
      3) Play!


      Saludos Cordiales
      Aut viam inveniam aut faciam


      • #4
        Aqui es solo de aviones no? me equivoque en el anterior, pero alli va otro:

        Lock On Modern Air Combat Gold

        Lock On Gold is an updated version of the highly acclaimed
        This new version has many improvements including but not limited
        to a new Russian aircraft, the Su-25T and Flaming Cliffs campaign.
        The product is already receiving fantastic press reviews with an
        average of 85% review scores. The theatre of operation is the
        Black Sea and a fictional conflict sees the deployment of both
        American and Russian forces to the area. Look out for SAM sites
        and US and Russian carriers.


        New version capabilities include:
        The addition of the Su-25T as a player flyable aircraft
        Training missions with voice-over instruction
        Three new, 20 plus missions campaigns
        Improved ground texture with even greater detail
        New ground textures for winter, spring, summer & autumn
        New military and civilian ground facilities
        New aircraft skins
        New single missions
        Adjusted and added documentation

        Install Notes:

        1) unpack
        2) mount/burn
        3) install
        4) play


        Aut viam inveniam aut faciam


        • #5
          Bueno y cuando una buen Lock-oneada????? ya toca no?

          Hard Training, Easy War