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Resurgimiento del avion COIN americano

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  • Resurgimiento del avion COIN americano

    Abro este hilo para discutir el resurgimiento de avion COIN americano, ya que los ultimos modelos de este tipo datan sino me equivoco desde la epoca de Vietnam.

    Aqui una nota al respecto del avance de los programas OA-X e Inminent Fury y los contrincantes para el nuevo avion LAAR.

    The LAAR Lightweight Combat Aircraft Is Coming to the Air Force

    A small, nimble warplane – an economical featherweight compared to robust combat aircraft like the 40-ton F-15E Strike Eagle – now enjoys a high priority on the Air Force’s shopping list as the service remakes itself for counter-insurgency conflicts.

    Under the OA-X program begun in September 2008, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz is pushing toward an eventual, $2 billion purchase of up to 100 Light Attack Armed Reconnaissance (LAAR) aircraft. The LAAR is likely to be a turboprop aircraft and will be part of mainstream Air Force operations. Air Combat Command (ACC) is performing developmental work rather than, as might be expected in an unorthodox effort, Air Force Special Operations Command.

    One observer, given a glimpse of ACC’s capabilities-based assessment conducted in 2009, made the comment that, “this looks a lot like World War II.” That was a reference to the likely airframe and the guns and bombs it will carry, not to the 21st century digital avionics ACC expects to pack inside. An ACC official responded: “Yeah. We get that a lot.”

    Among aircraft being proposed are the AirTractor AT802U (a modified crop duster, demonstrated at the 2009 Paris Air Show), Alenia M346, Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano, Hawker Beechcraft AT-6B Texan II, and Pilatus PC-6 Porter. Pentagon officials say LAAR must be derived from an “in production” aircraft design. Boeing, however, is proposing an OV-10(X) Bronco, based on the twin-engine, twin-boom forward air control aircraft of the Vietnam era, which the planemaker would return to production at a facility not yet chosen.

    The Air Force wants a “kinetic,” or rapid engagement, capability that, it says, “will reduce the sensor-to-shooter timeline cycle.” The LAAR aircraft will also function as a digital-era forward air controller, coordinating fire directly with supported ground units through voice, video and datalinks – and minimizing the danger of blue-on-blue or “friendly fire” incidents.

    One reason for LAAR and the OA-X program: operating cost. The Air Force wants an aircraft that can fly one combat hour for $1,000. A combat flight hour costs $7,750 for an F-16C Fighting Falcon and fully $44,000 for an F-15E Strike Eagle.

    Typical air-to-ground ordnance for LAAR will include one or two podded 7.62-mm. mini-guns, two 500-pound guided-munitions, 2.75-inch rocket projectiles and the AGM-114N Hellfire air-to-ground missile. A “needs” document that does not yet have formal status calls for operating from austere airfields on five-hour missions over distances of 900 nautical miles up to a ceiling of 30,000 feet.

    In its short-term plans for the new aircraft, the Air Force plans to purchase 15 examples in fiscal year 2011. ACC wants a 24-aircraft squadron ready for combat within two years and will then decide whether to equip an entire wing. If the program grows as expected, many of the aircraft will be assigned to Air National Guard units.

    Last November, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan) and Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan) sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates stating concerns with reports that the United States and Brazil are negotiating for acquisition of Super Tucanos. Brownback and Tiahrt, strong defenders of the Wichita-built AT-6B, argued that such an agreement would “demean the integrity of the federal acquisition process” and cost thousands of American jobs.

    Closely related to the OA-X program and the LAAR aircraft, the Navy is November 2009 launched Imminent Fury, a demonstrator program with a leased Super Tucano, designated A-29B in Pentagon parlance. The purpose: special operations support for SEAL teams in the field. The Imminent Fury aircraft is equipped with an electro-optical sensor in a nose turret and satellite and secure communications systems. According to one source, the Navy leased the Super Tucano from EP Aviation, a subsidiary of the contractor Xe Security, formerly Blackwater International


    "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" -Einstein

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    El desgaste de su flota de A10 y F16, asi como de otras aeronaves como el F15E para cazar terrucos equipados con AK han hecho reaccionar a los americanos en la busqueda de aeronaves que puedan realizar trabajos similares a mucho menores costos globales. Ahi cae a dedo los super tucanos, los bronco.....

    Porque la perdida de aeronaves como las mencionadas , o su caida en los niveles de operatividad se puede costear, y a cualquier planificador de fuerza le debe de doler en el alma este costeo.


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      En alguna medida explica el exito del Super Tucano, que sin ser un COIN excepcional, en el mercado vendria a ser de lo mejorcito que se puede comprar nuevo.
      Periodismo es difundir aquello que alguien no quiere que se sepa; el resto es propaganda.
      Horacio Verbitsky


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        Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 con el cañon del F-35
        Por Stephen Trimble

        Hawker Beechcraft ha revelado nuevos detalles sobre sus planes sobre la versión del AT-6 de ataque y de reconocimiento armado de combate (Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance LAAR), incluyendo la posibilidad de integrar un cañón de 25 mm.

        Un derivado del GAU-12 de General Dynamics Equalizer, un cañón de cinco barriles desarrollado para el Lockheed Martin F-35, es una de las armas en la consideración en la poptenciación del turbohélice, diijo Derek Hess, director del programa de desarrollo del AT-6 de Hawker Beechcraft.

        Un cañon de origen frances de 20mm es otra de las opciones que se estudia para reemplazar o aumentar el pod con la ametralladora cal .50 que ya se integra en el biplaza de combate, dice Hess.

        La integración de cualquier cañón es una indicación de un debate en curso acerca de cómo podría ser operado un caza de bajo costo, por la Fuerza Aérea de los EE.UU, quien tiene previsto adjudicar un contrato el próximo año sobre la flota LAAR.

        La integración de cualquiera de cañón es una indicación de un debate en curso acerca de cómo dicha aeronave puede ser operada en el servicio por la Fuerza Aérea de los EE.UU., que tiene previsto adjudicar un contrato para el próximo año una flota de Laar.
        Hawker Beechcraft se asoció con Lockheed Martin para ofrecer el AT-6 a la USAF para el programa de Laar. Embraer se espera que también con su desafío Tucano EMB-314 Super.

        Mientras que el AT-6 está equipado pod montado en las alas cal.50 , el Super Tucano ha integrado armas cal .50 integrados en las alas.

        Hawker Beechcraft considera quela opción del pod montado como una ventaja si la USAF decide actualizar el armamento LAAR, con pod que pueden ser reemplazados fácilmente.

        Sin embargo, si la aeronave LAAR se emplea en situaciones de apoyo aéreo cercano, no está claro si la ametralladora calibre .50 es suficiente. La Fuerza Aérea opera el GAU-8 Avenger de30 mm , un cañón Gatling de siete barriles, en su flota de Fairchild A-10 .

        El papel central de la flota LAAR se espera que sea contra-insurgencia, una misión también en contradicción con la de corto alcance y lo relativamente impreciso de la ametralladora. Para esta misión, el AT-6 emplearía una nueva clase de armas precisión guiadas de pequeño diametro(small diameter) letales a grandes distancias, dice Hess.

        Traducción MRC

        Nota en su idioma original
        Hawker Beechcraft proposes F-35 cannon for AT-6
        By Stephen Trimble

        Hawker Beechcraft has revealed new details about its plans for the AT-6 light attack and armed reconnaissance (LAAR) fighter, including the possibility of integrating a 25mm cannon.

        A derivative of the General Dynamics GAU-12 Equalizer, a five-barrel cannon developed for the Lockheed Martin F-35, is among the weapons in consideration for the turboprop-powered aircraft, says Derek Hess, Hawker Beechcraft's director of AT-6 development programmes.

        A French 20mm gun is another option under review to either replace or augment the .50cal gun pod that is integrated on the twin-seat fighter, Hess says.

        Integrating either cannon is an indication of an ongoing debate about how such an aircraft could be operated in service by the US Air Force, which plans to award a contract next year for a LAAR fleet.
        Hawker Beechcraft is teamed with Lockheed Martin to offer the AT-6 to the USAF for the LAAR programme. Embraer is expected to also challenge with its EMB-314 Super Tucano.

        While the AT-6 is equipped with wing-mounted .50cal gun pods, the Super Tucano has integrated .50cal guns stored in the wings.

        Hawker Beechcraft considers the pod-mounted option as an advantage should the USAF decide to upgrade the LAAR's armament, as pods can be easily replaced.

        However, if the LAAR aircraft is employed in close air support situations, it is not clear whether the .50cal gun will be adequate. The USAF operates the 30mm GAU-8 Avenger, a seven-barrel Gatling gun, on its Fairchild A-10 fleet.

        The core role of the LAAR fleet is expected to be counter-insurgency, a mission also at odds with the short-range and relatively imprecise machine gun. For this mission, the AT-6 would employ a new class of precision-guided, small munitions that are lethal at long ranges, Hess says.



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          Finalmente la tarde siguiente a que traduje esta información ya se hablaba de la postergación del programa LAAR.
          Paralelamente la US NAVY,profundizará su evaluación sobre el Super Tucano,poniendo a trabajar cuatro de ellos.
          Perdonen mi fanatismo,pero nunca vieron "tirando G" Y "cerrando virajes" a un Pucará estos yankees.