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La turbina de gas más avanzada motores de aviación en el mundo

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  • La turbina de gas más avanzada motores de aviación en el mundo

    El anuncio de hoy es una noticia emocionante para Mississauga y el GTA," dijo Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert. "Los más de 700 ingenieros y trabajadores altamente calificados en planta de Mississauga de Pratt & Whitney ya están haciendo la turbina de gas más avanzada motores de aviación en el mundo. Cientos de nuevos puestos de trabajo se crearán aquí en Mississauga, que ayudará a mantener la reputación de Canadá como un líder en tecnología aeroespacial."
    Pratt & Whitney will recruit at least 200 additional engineers to work on a $1-billion research and development project over the next five years, developing the next generation of high-performance aircraft engines.
    Company president John Saabas announced this morning at Pratt & Whitney's Courtneypark Dr. E. plant that the new staff will bring the firm's total complement of engineers in Canada to 1,500.
    "This major investment will enable us to sustain our engineering centres of excellence in Ontario and Quebec and reinforce our position as a leader in the global aerospace industry," said Saabas.
    Federal Industry Minister Tony Clement, who toured the facility, announced that Ottawa will provide assistance to the project through a $300-million repayable loan from the government's strategic aerospace and defence initiative.
    "The (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper government is pleased to support the world-class work being done by Pratt & Whitney Canada," said Clement, a former Mississauga-Brampton West MPP. "The project we are investing in today will create or maintain Canadian research jobs, encourage public and private partnerships and keep Canada at the forefront of the international aerospace industry."
    Pratt & Whitney, based in Longueuil, Que., is developing advanced propulsion technologies for improved environmental performance, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions and noise.
    "Today's announcement is exciting news for Mississauga and the GTA," said Mississauga-Erindale MP Bob Dechert. "The over 700 engineers and highly-skilled workers at Pratt & Whitney's Mississauga plant are already making the most advanced gas turbine aviation engines in the world. Hundreds of new jobs will be created here in Mississauga, which will help to sustain Canada's reputation as a leader in aerospace technology.”
    Benoit Brossoit, senior vice-president of global operations for the company, said: "Pratt & Whitney Canada leads the industry in developing new technologies for the markets we serve. Our latest research and development programs include cutting-edge materials such as composites and advanced alloys to improve engine weight, high-efficiency compressor technology to enhance engine performance and to reduce fuel consumption."
    The project will also benefit Canadian universities.
    "Every year, we invest $12 million in research projects with more than 20 Canadian universities to develop new technologies and encourage the next generation of aerospace engineers," said Brossoit.
    Pratt & Whitney has more than 50,000 engines in service on 25,000 aircraft operating in 198 countries.
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