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AO-63 assault rifle

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  • AO-63 assault rifle

    Does anyone here have info about P.A. Tkatchev's and W.W. Simonov's two-barrel AO-63 assault rifle?. It took part in the Abakan competition. I cannot find any images & info sources about it. The AO-46 fires around an astonishing 6,000RPM!!!!!!!!, Or so they say?

    Another user called REMOV has asked about it too:

    I have a feeling the weapon was in the movie 'Red Scorpion'.
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    sorry but yor link send : Congratulations, you've reached the general purpose error page
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      AO 63 assault

      Below is a transalated report of the Abakan assault rifle trials. Various weapons were tested by the Russian Forces, particularly the Spetsnaz who were in search of a more accurate alternative to the AK-74 with the AN-94 being the winner, but another rifle listed as the "AO-63", Designed by Simonov & Tkachev fired around 6,000RPM when the 2-round burst mode was selected.

      Here is a transalation of the report: