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Exponaval 2010

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  • HernanSCL
    Por SSBN de RyF:

    Posteriormente,realizo una demostracion la Armada de la Republica de Mexico,con la participacion de la ARM Baja California,un helo Panther,y 2 lanchas de alta velocidad
    Impresionantes capacidades de este buque mexicano.. esa compuerta trasera para el descenso de lanchas rápidas es toda una buena novedad para una patrullera .. al menos en mi opinión..

    Objetivo interceptado...

    El mismo ejercicio fue realizado por la Armada de México, donde la labor fiscalizadora la realiza la Patrulla Oceánica PO-162 "Baja California", mostrando un moderno sistema de comunicación en línea entre el buque, el helicóptero y la lancha interceptora llamado "Data Link", que permite un panorama táctico de la operación.

    Y se anuncia el fin de esta edición de EXPONAVAL 2010:

    Último día Exponaval 2010

    El viernes 3 de diciembre se realizará el cierre de la Exponaval 2010, donde estará abierta de las 09:00 a las 17:00 horas, con una ceremonia y cóctel de clausura en el Salón Plenario del Recinto Ferial. De las 11:00 horas hasta el cierre habrá visitas abiertas a profesionales, a buques participantes de la Exponaval en el Molo de Abrigo, Recinto Armada de Chile.


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  • HernanSCL
    Ahora en Defense-Professionals y medios internacionales destacan EXPONAVAL

    Originalmente publicado por Fulcrum Ver Mensaje
    Buena cobertura del evento, gracias por el material

    Support Contract Set to Boost Chilean Navy Capability

    17:37 GMT, December 1, 2010 Valparaiso, Chile | BAE Systems has secured a two year extended agreement with Chilean ship build and repair organisation ASMAR to provide support to the country’s Type 22 and Type 23 frigates in a move that is set to enhance Chile’s naval capability.

    The agreement comes on the back of an initial three year contract signed in 2007 and guarantees a core level of repair and maintenance support to the frigates, with the scope to provide additional platform and combat systems equipment upgrade work to the Armada de Chile as required. Demonstrating the strength of partnership between the companies, the agreement also seeks to transfer technology and skills, enabling ASMAR to progressively increase the proportion of work it conducts independently in Chile.

    Speaking at Exponaval, South America’s leading maritime exhibition, Dean McCumiskey, BAE Systems’ Managing Director for Europe and the Americas, said: “Today’s announcement is an endorsement of the support we have delivered to ASMAR and the Chilean Navy to date and we look forward to strengthening this relationship over the next two years.

    “We will work side by side with ASMAR to enhance its capability to deliver complex warship support and assist in the re-equipment of its workshops at Talcahuano dockyard. We also have plans already underway to provide training for Chilean personnel in the UK. This will enable Asmar to develop further skills required to undertake complex supply chain management, dockyard management and fleet maintenance programmes.”

    The contract with ASMAR reflects the continued growth in BAE Systems’ support and services operations. It is the latest agreement in the defence firm’s long track record of working in partnership with industry and navies around the world to enhance indigenous maritime capability. A key feature in the Company’s success in this area is its recognition of the need to develop tailored solutions that best meet the needs of each partner. This is demonstrated in Greece, where BAE Systems has invested in modern manufacturing facilities at its partner’s yard to deliver fast attack craft to the Hellenic Navy; and in the Gulf where it has established a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Ship Building to provide repair, maintenance and integrated logistic support to navies and commercial organisations in the Middle East.


    Wednesday, December 1st 2010 - 07:31 UTC
    South America’s main naval show takes off in Chile; HMS Gloucester present

    With the participation of delegations from 34 countries South America’s largest naval exposition was officially opened Tuesday in Valaparaíso. The seventh edition of ExpoNaval is scheduled to last until next Friday with business deals reaching 600 million US dollars according to the organizers.

    The show gives an insight to the latest technological advances and innovations in the naval defence industry as well as in the maritime transport sector.

    Among the several displays at the show is the US Navy Swift, an ultra modern high speed vessel that is currently participating in the annual Southern Partnership exercises organized by the US Southern Command involving several navies of the Pacific basin.

    The catamaran designed vessel with a ‘wave-piercing’ aluminium hull can reach speeds of 45 knots (75 kilometres per hour) and is almost non radar detectable.

    The opening ceremony was headed by Chilean Defence minister Jaime Ravinet and the Commander of the Chilean Navy Admiral Edmundo González and was followed by an international conference on “Navies and their maritime protection roles”.

    Defence minister Ravinet underlined that Exponaval has become a referent not only at South American level but for the world industry in areas such as maritime transport, ports and infrastructure, and defence.

    On Wednesday the Maritime Conference will address the issue of “Maritime Transport and World Trade” while on Thursday the US Navy Scientific Research Office will be displaying material referent to emergency situations, rescue operations, naval corrosion, energy and power.

    This will be followed by an interdiction maritime exercise involving the Chilean and Mexican navies in the Valparaíso bay.

    USS Swift, one of the great attractions at Valparaiso

    Among the foreign vessels present at the Exponaval are the USS Swift high speed catamaran, the Royal Navy South Atlantic patrol, HMS Gloucester and the Mexican navy ARM Baja California. The Chilean navy is displaying its renewed surface fleet which includes mainly former Royal Navy and Dutch navy frigates.


    DCNS at Exponaval Exhibition Valparaiso, Chile - Debuts on 30 November thru 3 December 2010

    NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Valparaiso, Chile, 11/29/2010 - DCNS is a major player in the European and world markets for value-added naval defence systems.

    As a naval prime contractor, shipbuilder and systems integrator, DCNS combines resources and expertise spanning the naval defence value chain and entire system lifecycles. DCNS delivers innovative solutions from integrated warships to strategic systems, equipment, services and new energy solutions.

    Chile was the first country to retain Scorpene at the very end of 1997. Less than 10 years later, the navy was equipped with two customised ships boasting the very latest technological breakthroughs as well as outstanding safety features. This project is a testimony of the DCNS commitment for long-term cooperation with local contractors, in Chile and throughout South America.

    The DCNS stand showcases

    • DCNS expertise in submarine design and construction, through the Scorpene medium-size submarines. Already chosen by the Chilean Navy and other first rank navies , Scorpene submarines represents the state-of-the-art in submarine design and construction and benefits from the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance. Excellent endurance makes the Scorpene one of the few medium-displacement designs suitable for extended ocean patrol duties. The modular design can also be readily tailored to each customer’s specific mission profiles and other requirements.

    The Andrasta, a compact submarine designed to operate in coastal waters, a theatre of growing importance to all maritime nations. Being also a fearsome adversary in deep water, Andrasta combines a state-of-the-art design with stealth, agility and power. A direct descendant of the Scorpene, the Andrasta is remarkably effective in any underwater role that a client navy may wish to assign to it.

    Subtics®, which combines operational efficiency, high-performance sensors and long-range weapons. The system can be readily added to any new-build programme or integrated as part of a refit. It has been selected by several navies for Scorpene and Agosta 90B submarines, as well as for modernisation programmes for submarines already in service.

    CONTRALTO®, anti-torpedo countermeasure system, is the last generation product develops mainly to face against the appearance of new advanced torpedoes. This system, fully integrated with the CMS, is available for surface vessel and submarine. It can be readily incorporated into new-build designs or added to existing ships as part of a refit or modernisation programme. In 2009, DCNS signed two contracts to equip the entire French submarine fleet and the new Brazilian Scorpene.

    • The projection and command ship or Mistral LHD is a multipurpose surface vessel designed to cover a broad spectrum of missions, including amphibious operations, crisis management, airborne operations, operational command, operational transport, healthcare support, humanitarian operations and freight transport. The operational capability and interoperability of the Mistral LHD were demonstrated in Operation Baliste off Lebanon and on sea trials with the US Navy (involving the LCAC and Super Stallion).

    The FREMM multi-mission frigates programme combines the latest technologies developed by the DCNS group. These technological and engineering advances make the FREMM frigates world leaders in their class. France’s total order is 11 vessels and the delivery is scheduled from 2012 to 2022. In addition, one FREMM frigate is currently under construction for Morocco and Italy confirmed the order of 6 units.

    • The innovative Gowind® vessels, a new family of ocean-capable vessels designed by DCNS for all littoral and sea operations, are exceptional tools able to fulfil missions ranging from anti-piracy up to sea control and denial. Gowind® Control is ideal for patrol and sovereignty missions in EEZs and littoral waters, including the fast deployment of special forces and commandos. Gowind® Combat has a full-scale Mission Management System for full-scale multi-threat missions, including a full ASW suite with towed array sonar and improved stealth and survivability.

    Polaris is the latest member of the DCNS Combat Systems family. It is a sea-proven compact solution designed to fulfill Navies and Coast Guards’ needs for surveillance, littoral zone protection and Economical Exclusive Zone protection missions. POLARIS offers scalable functionalities that are built for maritime situation awareness, interoperability and surface warfare management.The functional core is a robust, optimized and capable tactical system, which takes benefit of DCNS Combat Systems already in service.

    Last but not least, DCNS ( offers services for every naval need, including through-life support, modernisation and training. Through agreements and partnerships with local shipyards and contractors like ASMAR and SISDEF, DCNS offers its expertise to client navies to meet technical and logistic support challenges

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  • Invitado
    Buena cobertura del evento, gracias por el material

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  • HernanSCL
    Contrato amplio con BAE Systems : mantenimiento T-22/23, vehículos anfibios y otros

    Security Industry
    Chile to spend more on naval defenses
    Published: Dec. 1, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    VALPARAISO, Chile, Dec. 1 (UPI) -- Chile is boosting defense expenditure to strengthen its naval defenses against potential threats from drug crime and other contraband activity affecting its maritime frontiers.

    The Chilean award of a new contract for BAE Systems followed measures by other neighboring countries to increase military spending to counter criminal gangs in the region.

    BAE Systems said that following a new contract it would work to enhance Chilean naval capability.

    A two-year extended agreement with Chilean shipbuilding and repair organization ASMAR would provide support to the country's Type 22 and Type 23 frigates, BAE Systems said.

    The agreement comes on the back of an initial three-year contract the company signed in 2007. The new deal guarantees a core level of repair and maintenance support to the frigates, with the scope to provide additional platform and combat systems equipment upgrade work to the Armada de Chile as required.

    The agreement also seeks to transfer technology and skills, enabling ASMAR to progressively increase the proportion of work it conducts independently in Chile, BAE Systems said.

    Chile has been a late-comer to a recent rise in large-scale Latin American defense procurement. It was distracted in 2008 by the economic downturn and earlier this year by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake Feb. 27 that depleted the country's cash surplus.

    Speaking at Exponaval, South America's leading maritime exhibition, Dean McCumiskey, BAE Systems' managing director for Europe and the Americas, said, "Today's announcement is an endorsement of the support we have delivered to ASMAR and the Chilean Navy to date and we look forward to strengthening this relationship over the next two years."

    He said, "We will work side by side with ASMAR to enhance its capability to deliver complex warship support and assist in the re-equipment of its workshops at Talcahuano dockyard."

    He said the company also planned to provide training for Chilean personnel in Britain. The training will enable Asmar to develop further skills required to undertake complex supply chain management, dockyard management and fleet maintenance programs, McCumiskey said.

    The contract with ASMAR is part of a recent trend toward growth in BAE Systems' support and services operations. Several other examples of such deals have moved into advanced maintenance and manufacturing.

    In the Middle East, BAE Systems has established a joint venture with Abu Dhabi Ship Building to provide repair, maintenance and integrated logistic support to navies and commercial organizations in that region.

    BAE Systems is a global defense, security and aerospace company and employs about 107,000 people worldwide. The company reported sales of $36.2 billion in 2009

    OJO, la nota está hablando de Joint Venture... podría estarse decidiendo el futuro socio de ASMAR en el mediano plazo... ojo tambien con lo de plataformas adicionales y suministro de equipos para upgradear las actuales fragatas si es requerido. Es un convenio amplio que le da más chances a BAE de quedarse con la licitación internacional de ASMAR Construcciones Navales y toda la cartera de proyectos asociados de la ACh.

    Es mucha plata la que está en juego...


    Canadienses con altas espectativas y buena impresión

    New Brunswick businesses get warm reception in Chile, says ACOA minister

    Published Wednesday December 1st, 2010

    More New Brunswick companies should think about doing business in Chile, says Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Minister and Fredericton Conservative MP Keith Ashfield.

    The Daily Gleaner/Ray Bourgeois

    "We have a very positive relationship with Chile," he said, in a telephone interview Tuesday from Valparaiso, Chile.

    "We were the first free trade agreement which Chile signed ... in 1997."

    He said Chile is similar in many ways to Canada in terms of geography, including having a long coastline and a resource-based economy.

    Ashfield is in the South American country in this week for the EXPONAVAL 2010, a biannual trade show that attracts more than 7,500 visitors, including official naval delegations, military attaches, government and defence-industry representatives, military decision-makers and international defence contractors active in the region.

    He's leading a delegation of 10 companies from this region, including Fredericton-based digital mapping company CARIS.

    "It has been a very productive day so far," said Ashfield. "We've had some very good discussions."

    He said he met with four different ministers from the government of Chile, the admiral of the Chilean navy and a joint chamber of commerce meeting between Canada and Chile which 150 persons attended.

    "The minister of housing spoke very highly of Canada," said Ashfield.

    Canada's assistance in the recent mine rescue in that country is well known, the minister said.

    Atlantic Canada has a separate booth at the trade show in the EXPONAVAL exhibition venue, and the 10 companies from this region have booths as well.

    Ashfield said the head of the Chilean navy promised to stop by each of the booths, including the CARIS display.

    "They have been very busy in the booth here today ... and making the contacts they need to do business here," he said about CARIS.

    The ACOA minister said awareness about the potential of trading with Chile is growing in this region.

    "This is a biannual show ... and some of the companies from the Atlantic trade mission were here in 2008," he said.

    "If they didn't think it was a good place to do business, they wouldn't be back.

    "There's a lot of potential here. Chile is a growing country."

    Ashfield said Canada is the third largest investor in Chile and its No. 1 investment is in the mining sector.

    "No. 2 is in the forestry sector," he said.

    In 2009, two-way merchandise trade between Canada and Latin America totalled almost $19 billion.

    Ashfield returns to Fredericton on Saturday.


    Fredericton firm hopes to add contracts at Chilean expo
    Published Thursday December 2nd, 2010

    Defence: CARIS among 10 Atlantic Canadian firms exhibiting at EXPONAVAL 2010


    "The CARIS software helps them understand their waterways ... so they can make sure that the accidents are kept to a minimum," Palmer said.

    EXPONAVAL 2010 will provide CARIS with an opportunity to market this same technology to a targeted market. While Palmer could not confirm the value of the Panama Canal Authority contract, he said it was at least a five-figure deal.

    Palmer also noted that conferences such as EXPONAVAL are important for CARIS, as the Asian and Latin American economies are growing and becoming important markets for the company. In addition, as the Asian economy grows, they are looking for the best technologies to help support emerging infrastructure, said Palmer.

    Keith Ashfield, the federal minister of the Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA), is with the delegation of Atlantic Canadian defence contractors at EXPONAVAL.

    In a phone interview on Tuesday from Valparaíso, Ashfield said he had a one-on-one meeting with the admiral of the Chilean Navy to discuss the opportunity for Atlantic Canadian companies to do business in Chile.

    "He said he was going to visit all 10 companies we have at the show. It was very positive," said Ashfield of his conversation with the admiral. Ashfield said many of the booths for the Atlantic Canadian companies were "very busy" throughout the first day of the event.

    "These trade shows are valuable tools and it's imperative that we be involved in them in order to grow our country and the regions of our country," said Ashfield.

    Under ACOA's Business Development Program, the Canadian government contributed $160,000 in funding to help get the Atlantic Canadian delegation to the exhibition. The exhibition runs until Friday, with more than 150 companies showcasing their products and services.

    - with files from Jon MacNeill

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  • HernanSCL
    del Flikr Armada de Chile

    Comentario: interesante el A244 como reemplazo del Mk46... 1313

    Las malas lenguas cuentan que almirante le brillaban los ojos con la BAE Type-26...


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