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Helicópteros de Combate para el ECH

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    AH-1Z tiene tambien un muy alto porcentaje de comunidad logística con el Bell 412EP.



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      Requerimiento Oficial de Información para MH-1W SUPERCOBRA

      Colombia and Chile Officially Request Information for Light Attack Helicopters
      by Pennington Way, IV

      Bell Helicopter Textron [TXT] said last week that Chile and Colombia have officially asked for information regarding the possible foreign military sale (FMS) of its MH-1W Multi-Mission Helicopter, an export variant of its AH-1W SuperCobra.

      A official from the Navy's International Programs Office official confirmed that Chile and Colombia were the first two Latin American countries to begin the FMS process and that Bell is planning a demonstration of the helicopter in Colombia in the "near future."

      A company official close to the program told Defense Daily last week that the MH-1W has been designed to meet the unique military requirements of Latin American militaries.

      "It is a dedicated armed platform [that is] ideally suited for armed escort, armed reconnaissance, and counternarcotics operations," the company official said.

      Bell designed the MH-1W variant to fill a hole in the region's military helicopter fleets.

      The variant will carry a lighter armament package than the U.S. Marine Corps' AH-1W SuperCobras to create a more affordable light attack helicopter (Defense Daily, Sept. 24).

      Depending upon a country's specific requirements, the MH-1W variant could be armed with a variety of weapons. A combination of the following weapons will be available to Latin American buyers; 2.75-inch Hydra 70 rocket pods, 40mm grenade launchers, 20mm Gatling guns capable of firing 750 rounds, and .50 caliber wing-mounted machineguns with 300 rounds.

      The precision guided weapons were excluded because there is no Latin American anti-tank capability requirement. Such a requirement could also pose problems for technology transfers. As a result, there are no plans to equip the helicopter with Raytheon's [RTNA/RTNB] Sidewinder air-to-air missile, Tubelaunched, Optically Tracked, Wire-guided (TOW) anti-tank missile or the Hellfire anti-tank missile, which has been produced by Boeing [BA] and Lockheed Martin [LMT].

      It will be equipped with a laser rangefinder, and Global Positioning System (GPS) and weapons management system that is linked to the head-up display, helmet display, and multifunction cockpit display. A commercial Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) system will also be available for installation.

      The MH-1W variant will be powered by two General Electric [GE] T700-GE-401 engines. It is capable of flying 350 miles at speeds up to 185mph without auxiliary fuel tanks. There will be options for 75- or 100-gallon auxiliary fuel tanks that could extend the helicopters flight time an additional hour.

      The helicopter's ability to fly at 14,000 feet, combined with the extended flight time, is extremely important in Latin America due to the topography and remoteness of the operational areas.

      The Navy official added that the U.S. Southern Command's Commander-in-Chief, Marine Gen. Charles Wilhelm, was examining the impact of introducing light attack helicopters into the region and what possible effects it could have on the Latin American balance of military power.

      The Bell official said that Chile and Colombia were looking at the helicopter because "[its] ease of maintenance and operation make [it] an affordable option."

      Other South American countries that have expressed less formal interest in the helicopter are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru.
      COPYRIGHT 2000 Access Intelligence, LLC
      COPYRIGHT 2008 Gale, Cengage Learning

      Bibliography for: "Colombia and Chile Officially Request Information for Light Attack Helicopters" 19 Apr, 2000

      Pennington Way, IV "Colombia and Chile Officially Request Information for Light Attack Helicopters". Defense Daily. 01 Dec, 2011.
      COPYRIGHT 2000 Access Intelligence, LLC
      COPYRIGHT 2008 Gale, Cengage Learning

      Noticia vieja (11 años) pero que confirma intenciones conocidas del ECh... pero ahora (por primera vez) por un helo en específico.

      Lo positivo es que viene de fuente oficial de Bell y de la mismísima US-Navy dice que Chile ya ha iniciado el proceso de FMS.

      Lo que si, es que al parecer no los estaban pidiendo con capacidad AT usana.

      Agregaría, que la noticia es muy vieja... por lo que ese interés tal vez se pudo haber diluido en el intertanto.

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        lo ultimo que se supo fue el interés por el MANGUSTA ahora bien
        no tengo info o data dura sobre esto pero se había escuchado sonar fuerte


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          el mangusta ya no es ahora de turquia, creo que si siguen interesados en esto deben ahora negociar con los turcos


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            se dice que Chile va a adquirir los Helos de ataque Tigre