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    Aqui podremos conversar todo lo relacionado con esta tecnología que en breve comenzará a equipar a un numero cada vez mayor de blindados de la linea occidental y que ha venido ganando importancia dado el surgimiento de nuevas amenazas de caracter asimètrico que hoy en día enfrentan las fuerzas acorazadas de los paises OTAN, representadas por operadores de misiles antitanque en Irak y Afganistan cuyas acciones se basan fundamentalmente en IEDs y emboscadas. Un caso ejemplar fue el caso del enfrentamiento entre las IDF de Israel con Hezbolah en el Libano en donde el Merkava tuvo un muy duro enfrentamiento urbano con la guerrilla islàmica operadora de RPG-29 y Kornet, sufriendo bajas.

    Es por esto que existen varias opciones de defensa activa que interceptan el proyectil lanzado mediante lanzamiento de una granada por parte de un sistema que está diseñado para detectar y responder rápidamente y así salvaguardar tanto a la unidad blindada como a la integridad de sus ocupantes. Entre los sistemas hoy en prueba e implementación se encuentran por ejemplo el IRON FIRSTy el TROPHY de origen israelì, los cuales podrian ser una opción a considerar en el desarrollo futuro y actualizaciones de las fuerzas blindadas chilenas.

    Aquí un artículo atingente:

    Israeli Trophy Active Defence System Tested in Military Exercises

    A Merkava MBT fitted with the Trophy anti-missile protection system.

    Trophy another step closer to introduction by Israeli armoured divisions

    11:01 GMT, December 17, 2010 | As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recently announced, the Trophy active defence system for armoured vehicles has again been successfully tested during an Israeli Army exercise. Jointly developed by Rafael, Elta and the US company, General Dynamics, Trophy is primarily designed for the protection of the Israeli-built Merkava 4 main battle tank (MBT) against threats such as anti-tank rockets and missiles.

    Providing active protection against incoming threats, the Trophy system (designated Windbreaker or ‘Meil Ruach’ by the IDF) uses sensors to detect threats and counters them by firing a special charge. Trophy has been designed to simultaneously detect and engage threats approaching the vehicle from different directions. Despite offering an all-round close-range protection, Trophy is designed as a supplement to the vehicle’s passive armour.

    The system has recently been involved in a regimental exercise by the Israeli Army’s 401st Brigade, after having already been thoroughly tested in controlled environments by industry and the armed forces. Since it was first presented in 2005, Trophy entered series-production in 2007 and is now in the process of being introduced into service by IDF armoured divisions. The decision to equip Israel’s Merkava 4 MBTs with the Trophy system was announced by the Ministry of Defence in August 2009.

    According to UPI, the Israeli Army leadership strongly urged the system’s introduction after 22 Merkavas were damaged by Russian Kornet anti-tank guided missiles during the war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in the summer of 2006.

    The recent exercise, conducted by the 9th Battalion of the Armoured Corps, took place in the Golan Heights, the long-disputed area in northern Israel. The deputy commander of the 401st Brigade, Lt.Col. Haim Ido, said: “Thanks to Windbreaker we have the ability to fight more effectively, faster and more securely than ever before.” Referring to Trophy as well as to other military equipment tested during the exercise, an Israeli officer said: “The issue of absorbing new technological capabilities in the tank division is gaining significant momentum. We must learn to use them more effectively in the exercises we perform.”

    On October 12th, Trophy saw its first demonstration during a ten-day IDF joint combat exercise at the Shizafon base in southern Israel. The event was attended by top Israeli military leaders, including the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Maj. Gen. Benny Gantz, and the Chief of the Ground Forces, Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman. As during the recent exercise, the active defence system was displayed on a Merkava Mark 4 main battle tank. The system’s performance was demonstrated by eliminating a dummy missile which was fired at the tank.

    Anticipating the system’s introduction with the entire battalion as soon as Trophy is fully operational, Sergeant Nico Gabay, a gunner in the 9th Battalion, summarised the experiences made during the recent exercise: “This is something important and innovative. Of course there were several glitches, but they were not critical. It is apparent from the training scenarios that it is a very useful system that will protect the tank.

    By Nicolas von Kospoth, Managing Editor

    AMAP-ADS Active Protection System para Leopard 2:

    Upgrade que incluye AMAP-ADS de ibd-deisenroth, Alemania:

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    Iron First en stand de FAMAE en FIDAE 2014 - Exito operacional del Trophy

    Rami Sokolower, Director of Marketing of IMI's Land Systems Division, says that there is an ongoing cooperation with the Chilean company, also regarding marketing an active defense system for armored vehicles - the "Iron Fist". Both companies are jointly presenting this system as well.

    The FIDAE exhibition is one of the major defense exhibitions in South America. This year 13 Israeli companies are presenting at the exhibition, with the assistance of SIBAT. Hundreds of senior officials from around the world have already shown interest in Israeli products presented at the exhibition.

    Tito27 ZM

    Grafica Explicativa -

    Sistema Trophy se anota protección exitosa contra ATGM


    Ahora van por más ADS para sus blindados

    Land Platforms
    IDF wants more Namer APCs and Trophy protection systems

    Yaakov Lappin, Tel Aviv - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly
    21 August 2014

    The Trophy system, seen here fitted to a Merkava Mk IV, operating in the Gaza Strip during Operation 'Protective Edge', has proved itself in combat. Source: Israel Defense Forces

    enior army officials hope that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will acquire better-protected armoured vehicles and more active protection systems (APS) such as Rafael's Trophy.

    Their comments came after seven members of the elite Golani Brigade were killed by an rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) attack on their M113 armoured personnel carrier (APC) during Operation 'Protective Edge' against Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

    Senior officers say they want far more Namer APCs, which have superior armour, to replace the thousands of M113s they currently have. They also say they want to equip more vehicles with the Trophy APS, which they credit with defending Merkava Mk 4 tanks against more than a dozen anti-tank missile strikes carried out by militants during Operation 'Protective Edge'.

    "We want many more Namer APCs for the infantry," a senior army source said. "If we had more Namers and more defences, we would have fewer casualties from missile strikes such as the one that occurred on the M113.

    "There were arguments beforehand about why we needed the Namer and Merkava Mk 4. I think after Operation 'Protective Edge', these questions will shrink away," the source added.

    "In Lebanon too, these vehicles can bring extraordinary firepower and capabilities. They are very advanced, have excellent armour defences, flexibility, and detection and precision abilities. There are no armoured vehicles like them in the world," he said.

    The acquisition of large numbers of new armoured vehicles and the installation of APS would significantly strengthen Israel's ground manoeuvre capability, the source argued. "This creates a ground offensive that cannot be stopped anywhere, and this is what Israel needs.

    "It is a strategic capability and it is not too big a drain on resources to accomplish. I think we must get there. Technologically, we are there. We have decent defences in armoured vehicles, but we have to make much more progress on this," he said.

    The officer warned that, while the IDF's current armour inventory was sufficient for an "unstoppable" offensive in the Gaza Strip, this was "unlikely to be the case" in Lebanon, where they would come up against the better-armed Hizbullah group. "We will need large quantities of [new] armoured vehicles [to take on Hizbullah]," he said.

    Hundreds of attacks on modern armoured vehicles failed to cause significant damage during 'Protective Edge', the source said, although he declined to give precise numbers. He said that the Trophy system had "pleasantly surprised us with its extreme precision, and unique operational capability. It answered the threat.

    "Of course we will want to expand this," he said. "If we receive a multi-year spending programme in 2015, we will be able to fortify, at relatively small costs to the state, the whole of the Ground Forces," he added.
    Janes | The latest defence and security news from Janes - the trusted source for defence intelligence

    Muy interesante el Trophy como alternativa en la modernización del parque blindado local. Dotar a la fuerza de blindados de APS efectivos podría "fortalecer la capacidad de maniobra terrestre, creando ofensivas terrestres que no pueden ser detenidas" (miembros IDF a Jane´s, parafraseo)

    Otro elemento a destacar es el relevamiento de los M-113 en favor de IFVs más blindados. En el caso local, el Marder 1A3 ha relevado al M-113A2 de la primera linea en el orden de batalla de las Brigadas Acorazadas.

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