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Mirage Elkan II

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  • journalist
    Originalmente publicado por RickHunter Ver Mensaje
    y le siguen dando a esas cafeteras?
    Están igual que los mig29 Y SU25 peruanos.......inoperativos

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  • RickHunter
    y le siguen dando a esas cafeteras?

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  • HernanSCL
    Se van


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  • 300+
    Programa MIRSIP SABCA

    This program included :

    Structural modifications:
    Wing ribs redesigned and reworked.
    Canard wings giving substantial improvement in instantaneous turn rate performance for air to air offensive and defensive capabilities.
    More stability in flight, reducing around 40% of structural fatigue.
    Reducing the take-off and landing distances. Approach speed around 10 knots lower (Always high and critical for a Delta plane)
    Electrical generating and distribution system redesigned. New wiring.
    Communication equipement UHF, VHF, IFF, TACAN alligned on the F-16.
    HSI and ADI also identical to the fighting falcon.
    strobe lights new models.
    Oxygen : New liquid oxygen system similar to the F-16 for more interoperability and safety.
    Fuel System : Pressure refuelling replacing the previous gravity system. This one managed by the CDU will ensure a refuelling in 5 minutes instead of the 22 minutes needed with the gravity system.

    Mission upgrades (WDNRS):
    CDU (Cockpit Display unit) from Marconi-Canada with full back up function of the Nav / Attack computer.
    HUD (head up display) GEC-Marconi wide-FOV with front up control panel. equipped with a colour VINTEN camera.
    HDD (head down display) from GEC-Ferranti including stored tactical data, navigation data and real time reconnaissance video data presentation.
    Avionics : Sagem MAESTRO (Modular Avionics Enhancement System Targeted for Retrofit Operations)
    INS (Inertial Navigation System) platform from SINGER-KEARFOTT (similar as the one onboard the F-16)
    Nav/Attack system Sagem-UNA 92.
    Nav/Attack UTR 90 computer
    Radar altimeter (Honeywell) forTercor (terrain correlation) functions.
    HOTAS cockpit based on the F-16 concept including the same symbols, redesigned throttle grip and Mirage 2000 stick.
    FLIR (Forward Infra Red Looking) Sagem Iris.
    Laser designator : Thomson-TRT Defense TMV 630 laser range finder.
    ECR Active/passive Electronical Counter Measures (RWR and chaff/flare dispensers).

    Flight safety:
    New Martin-Backer Mk10 zero/zero ejection seat.
    Anti collision lights RECCE compatible similar to the F-16 system
    New fire detection system like the one of the F-16.
    Electronic components of the auto-pilot and servo's flight controls replaced by solid state miniaturized racks.
    Redundancy of the critical functions.

    The contract signed between Sabca and the Belgian authorities included the modifications for the 63 remaining Mirage foreseen to be flown by the 8 squadron and 42 recce squadron.

    Laser designator

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  • ChrisBV
    Encontré esta bonita foto del cockpit del M5MA Elkan, no sé si ya ha sido posteada previamente. La comparto con ustedes:


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