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Primer vuelo del Gripen sudafricano

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    Este es el Sukhoi T-50 avión de 5 generación ruso que volará el 2007

    MOSCOW, December 8 - A warplane of the fifth generation will become airborne in 2007, General of the Army Vladimir Mikhailov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, has said.

    "A plane of the fifth generation will fly in 2007. I earlier reported the date when the promising aircraft of front-line aviation will take aloft to the supreme commander-in-chief (president of the Russian Federation) and today I'm sure we'll do it", the general said.

    He noted his recent visit to the Sukhoi company, where he looked into attendant problems. "A lot of work has been done and, one the whole, I like the results reached", Vladimir Mikhailov said.

    An electronic model of the plane is ready, its aerodynamic portrait and other parameters have been fixed, he said.

    "Now over 100 specialists from the Defence Ministry, military and non-military research institutes are studying intermediate results", said the air force commander.

    "We ask engineers to find faults so as to rectify them at the initial stage to be able to move on fast", Mikhailov stressed.

    He also spoke of yet unresolved problems, say in armaments and avionics. "We have to think how to use the import aspect of the project and should we really use it. But they are only routine things. Overall, we've made a stride even with the limited financing we have", the general said.

    He said that creating a plane of the fifth generation requires endeavour and the request for proposal is not something given for granted.

    "I've decided to reduce the designed speed. This will not only preserve the plane's fighting potential but also forestall design problems if the speed is to equal the rated value", he said.

    He noted the important role of computer modelling in this work. "We earlier had to break planes and engines to find out the strength characteristics. On the computer screen we can simulate different conditions and the strength characteristics of every unit are clearly seen", he said. The general stressed that computer modelling enables unmistakable checking and choosing the optimal ways.

    "The rule of thumb and designer intuition, as was the case before, no longer work. Creating a plane of the fifth generation requires a new approach and the use of leading-edge technologies", said the commander-in-chief of the Russian air force

    aquí una escala

    Para quienes digan que los desarrollos en materia aérea de los rusos estan estancados

    ¡¡¡Valor, valor, valor. Se clavarán las lanzas, se harán añicos los escudos, será un día rojo, un día de espadas; antes de que llegue el alba...!!!


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      El dibujo es muy parecido al Raptor, salvo si uno se fija en las toberas de escape. Ya me emocioné, ojalá q para el 2020 ya podamos contar con el aunque aún se encuentre en pañales.

      Una observación: ¿La denominación T-50 no era para el lightweight trainer coreano Golden eagle? ...Ese aparatito q parece ser el hijo menor del F-16.

      Muy buena la info! Ya veo con q me entretendre toda esta noche en mi guardia esperando pacientes
      Primun Non Nociere... En Medicina Trabajamos con Cero de Constantes y un Infinito de Variables.


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        Bello no?
        Primun Non Nociere... En Medicina Trabajamos con Cero de Constantes y un Infinito de Variables.


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          A MIER... 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

          ejem, digo muy buena foto Maverick, se agradece.
          Reitero mi llamado a los entusiastas de los aviones a que nos ayuden con la comparación entre el Gripen y el F-16.

          Saludos Cordiales


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            el GRIPEN sudafricano puede llevar el misil meteor??
            "no hay imposibles, sino incapaces"