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Dassault Rafale - El luchador para todo Rol

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    arabia saudita ha hecho 1 pedido de 72 aviones???? fuentes????
    Un funcionario del Ministerio de Defensa en Riad dijo que se pagó unos 8.833 millones de dólares
    Riad. (dpa) - Arabia Saudí adquirió en Gran Bretaña 72 aviones de guerra Eurofighter por 4.430 millones de libras (unos 8.833 millones de dólares), informó hoy un funcionario del Ministerio de Defensa en Riad.

    De acuerdo con sus declaraciones, el acuerdo fue firmado ya el martes de la semana pasada. Parte del convenio incluye también la capacitación de pilotos saudíes.

    Los diarios británicos especulaban ya desde hace semanas con un gran encargo de Arabia Saudí a la empresa británica de armamento BAE Systems.

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      Osea han pagado US$ 122.7 millones por avión mas otras cosas obviamente (armas, etc, etc)


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        Al menos están aprovechando la inversión para las carreritas

        TopGear: Bugatti Veyron versus Eurofighter Typhoon


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          Arabia Saudita, ademas tiene una fuerza aerea sobredimensionada, pero cuando nadas en petroleo , asi es la vida.
          la experiencia sólo sirve si de ella se obtienen las conclusiones adecuadas


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            Primera perdida de un Rafale (en ingles)

            First Rafale crash
            leads to pilot's demise

            By Jean-Michel Guhl
            in Paris, France

            On Thursday December 6, 2007, at nightfall and in bad weather at about 6 :20 pm, an operational Rafale fighter plane from Saint Dizier air base (BA113) crashed in a wood, not far from the little rural village of Neuvic in the Corrèze region of France, killing its pilot.

            This is the first accident of a Dassault-Aviation Rafale ever recorded in service and the importance of this event can be further stressed by the fact that the French minister of defence himself, Mr Hervé Morin, visited the crash site the morning after upon returning from a highly political visit with president Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast in Abidjan.

            The aircraft — Rafale B/F2 n°316 coded 7-HL — was one of two Rafale F2s from squadron EC 1/7 « Provence » from BA 113 at Saint-Dizier participating in a routine training combat exercise high over a largely desolate region of France. Mission was underway when for an unknown reason the aircraft flown by Captain Emmanuel “Bouba” Moriuser suddenly broke away and plunged at a speed of about 500 kts and from a 12,000 ft altitude directly into the ground in a totally unhabited area of the French southwest. The event was witnessed by a retired villager walking his dog outdoors after sunset, as a huge fireball preceded the sound of the explosion heard by many in the village of Neuvic and mistaken for a thunder strike. Soon after the Rafale disappeared from the radar screens, alarm was given and at around diner time a party of Gendarmes arrived on the darkened wooded crash site to look all through the night in vain for indice of the pilot’s life.

            Captain Emmanuel Moriuser, a 34-year old seasonned fighter pilot and flight leader (with 1,700 flight hours logged in service) had only joined EC 1/7 earlier this year after having flown since September 2000 Mirage 2000N nuclear strike fighters within EC 2/4 "La Fayette" in Luxeuil (BA116). A qualified Tac-P, Capt Moriuser boasted a tour of operations on the ground in Afghanistan in support of ISAF operations there.

            While the Neuvic crash site is being combed for evidences by Gendarmes, forensic experts and inspectors, the Bureau « Enquêtes Accidents Défense-Air » has been given full responsibility for the technical investigation in order to bring light on this fatal and unexplained accident. This fatal crash is also the first crash ever experienced by a Rafale fighter plane. The aircraft involved in this tragic event was a brand new airframe having left the Dassault-Aviation production line only last June.


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