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    Type-26 en concurso australiano vs Fincantieri y Navantia

    Miramos de reojo estos acontecimientos

    [QUOTE][B][U][SIZE=4]BAE Systems has signed a contract with the Australian Government to further refine its design of the Type 26 Frigate for the Royal Australian Navy.[/SIZE][/U][/B]

    BAE Systems Australia Chief Executive, Glynn Phillips, said:


    “We look forward to demonstrating the adaptability and maturity of the Global Combat Ship design to meet Australia’s requirements for an Anti-Submarine Warship frigate.

    The Global Combat Ship design is the most modern, adaptable and flexible of all possible options available today, and I am confident that we will be able to demonstrate that it is the best able to meet the requirements of the Royal Australian Navy.”

    In coming months, a team of BAE Systems’ Australian engineers will be deployed to the UK to join the Company’s established design team.

    Being embedded into the one of the most advanced warship building teams in the world will allow these engineers to acquire the skills and knowledge required to effectively transfer the technology to Australia.

    BAE Systems is using the latest in modern digital planning capability to refine and tailor its designs to the Commonwealth of Australia’s requirements.

    To assist this process, the Company has revealed that, a 3-dimensional visualisation suite will be delivered to Australia to help improve understanding of the unique features of the ship design. This will enable conversations about design modifications the Royal Australian Navy requires and will help demonstrate how the Global Combat Ship could accommodate the required CEA Technologies’ phased-array radar system.

    This is part of the Australian Department of Defence’s Competitive Evaluation Process for the programme. [B]Australia has also entered into similar agreements with Fincantieri and Navantia[/B].

    Last year, a report by think-tank [B]RAND advised that using an existing design, most likely Britain’s Type 26 Frigate, for the warships would be the least risky option for Australia[/B]. [B]RAND looked at three design and build options; an off-the-shelf design, a modified off-the-shelf design and an entirely new design.[/B]

    “Each option would entail different risks and implications for the acquisition process and strategy. The pure military off-the-shelf solution (which most likely would be built outside Australia) probably would entail the least design and cost risk, given that there would be an experienced builder and active supplier base.”

    The Australian Defence Department confirmed no commitment would be made before the White Paper was released.

    The Type 26 represents the future backbone of the Royal Navy and a massive leap forward in terms of flexibility of surface vessels enjoyed by the service. It will replace 8 of 13 Type 23 Frigates and export orders are being sought after by BAE. The programme has been underway since 1998, initially under the name “Future Surface Combatant”.

    International competition to build the Australian frigate fleet started after Australia changed plans for their new frigate ahead of the release of their defence white paper.

    The original plan detailed by former Defence Minister David Johnston,[B] would have utilised the hull of the air warfare destroyer programme as the basis for the new class of frigate.[/B]

    Australian Strategic Policy analyst Dr Andrew Davies said:

    “It was a sensible decision given the destroyer hull was not really suited to the submarine hunting role of a purpose-built frigate, it was supposed to be a low-risk option but it was also more about preserving jobs than the Navy getting the warship it needs.”[/QUOTE]


    El fetiche de la ACh y reeemplazante natural de las TYPE-23 està cumpliendo los pasos para competir en el concurso australiano.



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      La Firma del Pacto Militar y Tecnológico AUKUS entre Australia, United Kindong y Estados Unidos, es de grandes consecuencias, deja fuera a Francia que se preparaba a proveer de 12 Submarinos convencionales por un monto de 50 mil millones de dólares y que ahora lo harán UK y USA pero con submarinos a propulsión nuclear.

      Este es un Tema para desarrollar ampliamente.

      Cómo quedan las expectativas de Francia?
      Cuál es el aporte Inglés al desarrollo del proyecto?
      Estados Unidos aplicará una Tecnología ya probada?
      Los yacimientos de metales radiactivos (Uranio, Rubidio, Cesio) adquieren importancia estratégica
      En el caso de los Yacimiento de Macusani en Puno, USA ya tomó posesión.
      Brasil en la Región está presto a recibir el primer Submarino propulsión nuclear
      Se intenta frenar la presencia de China en la Oceanía.
      Australia se convierte en la primera fuerza de contención
      Los submarinos son de la clase de ataque.
      USA otorga al arma submarina de una privilegiada y expectante posición

      A triunfar Peruanos !!! que somos hermanos, que sea la victoria nuestra gratitud...Te daré la vida y cuando yo muera, me uniré en la tierra CONTIGO PERU !!!!​