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    Canada planea repotenciar Leopards para usarlos en Afghanistan

    El poroyecto de reemplazo de tanques de Canada empleará USD 657 millones para hacer un leasing de 20 Leopard 2A6M MBT y dos vehicles blindados de recuperación (ARVs) de Alemania para su uso en Afghanistan y esta comprando 80 Leopard A4 y 20 surplus Leopard 2A6 tanks de Holanda

    [first posted to - 28 May 2008]
    A defensive combat is historically almost always a strategic failure.

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    De la página del Ejército de Canadá:

    The first Leopard 2A6 tank arrives at Kandahar airstrip in Afghanistan aboard an Antonov 124-100 aircraft. Leased from Germany, the tank was acquired following an April 2007 announcement by the Minister of National Defence in which he expressed his wish to renew the armoured capability of the CF
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      actualizacion del equipo del Canadian Forces

      Aqui esta el plan de las actucalizaciones del departamento de defenza de Canada

      Strategic Airlift (4 Boeing C-17 )
      Tactical Airlift (17 new C-130J )
      Medium- to heavy-lift helicopters (16 Chinook en proceso de compra)
      Joint Support Ships (3 naves soporte)
      Medium-sized logistic trucks (2300 vehiculos medianos MilCots y SMP)
      Arctic Off-Shore Patrol Ships (6 a 8 navios para condiciones articas)
      Leopard II Tanks ( lease 20 combat-ready Leopard 2A6 de alemania mas la compra de 100 Le2 de Holanda)
      As well as the:

      Modernization of the Halifax Class Frigates (comisionadas entre el 92 95)

      Establishment of a deep water docking and refueling facility in Nanisivik ( bases en el norte canadiense para mantener la soverania del artico)

      Honi soit qui mal y pense
      Evil to he who evil thinks


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        Empresas Canadienses, las mas honestas del mundo

        Bueno, si el Peru quiere hacer negocios con los Canadienses, ahora que se firmo el tratado de libre comercio, tendra que ponerse las pilas en lo que a la lucha contra la corrupcion se refiere, para que no se den otros "faenones" por ahi.

        PARIS - Companies from Canada and Belgium are viewed as the least likely to engage in corrupt practices in their overseas business dealings, according to a new report issued Tuesday.

        The two countries were tied for first in a survey by Berlin-based Transparency International of the perceived business activities of companies from the world’s top 22 countries in terms of international trade and investment.

        Russia ranked last, just behind China, Mexico, India and Brazil. The U.S. was tied for ninth place with France and Singapore.

        The index “provides evidence that a number of companies from major exporting countries still use bribery to win business abroad, despite awareness of its damaging impact on corporate reputations and ordinary communities,” said TI international chair Huguette Labelle, the former president of the Canadian International Development Agency and current chancellor of the University of Ottawa.

        “The inequity and injustice that corruption causes makes it vital for governments to redouble their efforts to enforce existing laws and regulations on foreign bribery and for companies to adopt effective anti-bribery programmes,” she said in a statement.

        Canada ranked fifth in each of the three previous corruption indexes, released in 2006, 2002 and 1999. However, TI cautioned against making comparisons because previous surveys used different methodology.

        TI based the 2008 index on responses from 2,742 senior corporate executives in 26 countries that are both major importers and significant recipients of foreign direct investment.

        “To assess the international supply side of bribery, senior business executives were asked about the likelihood of foreign firms, from countries they have business dealings with, to engage in bribery when doing business in their country,” TI explained in a news release.

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        "No es la especie más fuerte la que sobrevive, ni la más inteligente, sino la que mejor responde al cambio."

        Charles Darwin


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          Empresas Canadienses, las mas honestas del mundo

          ja ja ja ja ja espera que lleguen al Peru y veras.
          Paso igual con los Noruegos que supuestamente eran los mas honestos para hacer negocios hasta que conocieron a Romulo Leon
          Y mira que paso ja ja ja ja
          Nosotros los peruanos tenemos el antidoto para la honestidad

          la imaginacion va mas alla del conocimiento