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Fusil Polivalente Hecho Por La Marina de Guerra del Peru

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    muy bueno, saben si hay interes del extranjero?
    ~In God we trust, all others we monitor.~


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      Entiendo que una mision politica y comercial de muy alto nivel prepara una gira por los paises mas ricos de medio oriente, creo que seria una muy buena oportunidad para llevar este aparato para su exhibicion.



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        Estuve buscando fusiles de asalto polivalentes y me encontré con estos 5 modelos:

        Bushmaster ACR

        FN SCAR

        Heckler & Koch HK416

        Heckler & Koch XM8
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          Robinson Arms XCR

          Este ultimo me pareció interesante

          The XCR can be converted to various calibers and barrel lengths within a few minutes due to the highly modular design without the need for a highly trained armorer. Other features include a folding stock which eases storage space consumption and deploying from a vehicle (with optional fixed stock or M4 Carbine style stocks for those who prefer length of pull adjustments), a monolithic top Picatinny rail with side and under-barrel rails, and forward assist in the left-side charging handle. The XCR utilizes a heavy duty bolt and extractor connected to an AK47 type gas piston. The bolt and extractor are especially designed and patented by RA, and promoted as offering higher performance over M16/M4 type bolts. The first 25 XCRs released to the civilian market featured soft sears and were recalled to prevent slam fires.

          Caliber Conversions

          The XCR is a multi-caliber weapon system. The base platform is chambered in 5.56 NATO. Caliber conversions are easily achieved by changing to the appropriately chambered barrel and bolt. Conversions can be done in two to three minutes.
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            Micro TAVOR M.T.A.R 21 5.56 mm / 9 X 19 mm