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LAAD 2007

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  • LAAD 2007

    Fotos de la Feria hechas por nuestro compañero forista Corsário:

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      Airborne Navigation & Targeting Pod

      At LAAD 2007 (Latin America Aero& Defence) RAFAEL will present the LITENING Airborne Day/Night Navigation & Targeting Pod that provides precision strike capability to every fighter aircraft.

      The Litening is a multi-spectral airborne targeting and navigation pod. It is designed for target illumination to improve day and night attack capabilities using LGB and GPS guided bombs.

      The Litening system presents pilots with real-time, Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) and Charge Coupled Device (CCD) imagery.

      The high sensor resolution enables pilots to reliably identify the combat targets and consequently to avoid collateral damage.

      Over 700 Litening pods are operational in many air forces around the world; among them the Israeli Air Force on the F-16I and F-16C and the US, Australian and Hungarian Air Forces.

      The Litening has also been integrated on the German Tornado and is in the process of being integrated onto the Eurofighters.


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        At LAAD 2007 (Latin America Aero& Defence) will present the Reccelite. RecceLite is a self-contained self-cooled multi-sensor tactical reconnaissance system, consisting of an airborne pod based on the Litening Targeting and Navigation Pod and a ground exploitation station.

        The RecceLite simultaneously collects Infra-Red (IR) and Visual (VIS and near IR) digital images within a very wide field of regard, in accordance with an automatic mission plan and/or manual operation.

        The RecceLite pod is a derivative of RAFAEL's Litening navigation and targeting pod, which is in use in Air Forces worldwide.
        Together, the RecceLite and Litening provide a highly effective solution for shortening the critical sensor-to-shooter cycle.

        RAFAEL has developed the RecceLite system together with its partner Zeiss in Germany, and is marketing it worldwide.

        The System was chosen by the Spanish Air Force (SAF) for its EF-18, by the Dutch Air Force and is currently being evaluated by customers worldwide.

        The RecceLite concept is completely innovative (patent pending), and is changing the way in which reconnaissance can be carried out.
        Building upon these features and capabilities, RecceLite can perform low, medium and high altitude missions, at tactical or standoff ranges, simultaneously in IR, VIS and NIR (Near IR) wavebands, during the same mission, with a single pod, and without replacing the sensors suite. The following picture illustrates RecceLite line of sight capabilities.

        RecceLite's line of sight flexibility also allows stereo viewing in any of the operational conditions, sensors, and fields of view, generating high quality stereo due to the ability to revisit a target area after a sufficiently large aspect angle was created by the aircraft progression.

        The RecceLite pod is a derivative of RAFAEL's Litening navigation and targeting pod, which is in use in Air Forces worldwide.

        About RAFAEL
        RAFAEL designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of advanced defense systems.
        These leading edge products include naval, air and ground precision weapons, electro-optic systems, electronic warfare (EW) systems, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems, acoustic defense systems, armored protection and training systems.


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          Full Sphere IR Air-to-Air Missile

          At LAAD 2007 (Latin America Aero& Defence) RAFAEL will present the PYTHON 5, a fifth generation air-to-air missile and the latest member of the Python family. The missile provides the pilot engaging an enemy aircraft with a revolutionary full sphere launch capability.
          Python 5 can be launched from a very short range to beyond visual range with greater probability of kill and excellent resistance to countermeasures. The missile is also offered in an air defense configuration.

          Python 5 is an innovative combination of state-of-the-art technologies and proven Python 4 components.

          The missile incorporates a new dual waveband, high off-boresight imaging seeker, advanced computer architecture, sophisticated IRCCM and flight control algorithms, while maintaining Python 4 unique aerodynamic airframe, powerful rocket motor, warhead and proximity fuze.

          Successful development and operational testing of the Python 5 missile has already ben carried out, including extensive captive carry evaluation and homing test.

          Python 5 has demonstrated outstanding target detection and tracking in adverse background and clouds environment