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Policia Nacional del Ecuador adquier MD530F

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  • Policia Nacional del Ecuador adquier MD530F

    MD Helicopters Announces Sale to National Police of Ecuador
    February 22, 2009

    MD Helicopters (MDHI) has announced agreement on the sale of four MD 530F helicopters to Aeropolicial, a division of the National Police of Ecuador.

    The sale came about through Bridgecom S.A. – MD Helicopters’ Ecuadorian Representative. The new aircraft will be used for air vigilance, emergency assistance and evacuation of personnel in emergencies. The purchase will double the size of the current fleet.

    The Government of Ecuador, members of the National Transit Division and the Director General of the Police Department, together, selected MD Helicopters to enhance the professionalism of its services and to provide additional security to the public.

    The MD 530F Helicopter is considered the best high-altitude, hot-day performer of the industry. By increasing the operational envelope, it enables greater mission versatility and performance. Known as a workhorse, the MD 530F has greater take-off power and significantly higher hover ceiling levels than competitive helicopters.

    It is also known for its speed, agility and ability to operate in confined spaces while maintain low direct operating costs. “The National Police of Ecuador, under the direction of the National Transit Division, outlined both the divsion’s requirements and the standards for public purchase, including the contractual process for this type of acquisition,” said Dr. Jorge Pabon, General for the District and National Director for the Transit and ground Transportation Division of the National Police for Ecuador.

    “Our police force selected MD Helicopters because they met all of the prerequisites of the contract and were the most economical bidder.”

    Lynn Tilton, CEO of MD Helicopters, Inc. said, “We are delighted that the National Police of Ecuador selected our aircraft and we look forward to a long relationship of fulfilling their procurement, parts and training needs.. Police departments around the globe depend on MD Helicopters and we are proud to add another major client to our growing list. ”

    Saludos desde Guayaquil