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    algunos videos(requieren quicktime y paciencia)

    video 2
    ataque a posiciones argentinas
    primera batalla
    Rapier missile system
    Flypast of Ark Royal (same class as HMS Invincible)
    Pucara close support attack aircraft
    Two Mirage take off from an Argentine airbase
    un saludo


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      gente ,ac les dejo un link sobre "1982 estuvimos ahi"
      el trailer a mi ver esta muy bueno diganme su opinion

      un saludo


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        un Sea Harrier fue derribado el 1° de mayo por un Tigercat de la IM, emplazado en las proximidades de Pto. Argentino (otro SH fue derribado por Roland del EA).

        Misiles Tigercat emplazados en las afueras de Puerto Argentino
        fuente:zona militar
        un saludo


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          "Battles of the Falkland Islands War 1982"


          Part 38. 2 PARA'S Approach to and Battle for DARWIN and GOOSE GREEN

          Approx 500 men of 2 Para including 2x81mm mortars, Milans and GPMG's; 3x105mm artillery, 8 Bty, 29 Cdo Regt RA; Blowpipe SAM detachments, Air Defence Troops RM and RA; Recon Troop, 59 Cdo Sqdn RE for mine clearance
          2xScouts and 2xGazelles, 3 CBAS for forward ammo supply and casevac, joined by 2xScouts, 656 Sqdn AAC
          Frigate 'Arrow', 1x4.5in and RAF Harrier GR.3's from 'Hermes'

          2 Para Commanders:
          Lt Col H Jones; Maj C P B Keeble, second-in-command
          Maj C D Farrar-Hockley A Coy; Maj J H Crosland B Coy; Maj R Jenner C Coy; Maj P Neame D Coy

          12th Inf Regt, less one coy; 3 or 4x105mm artillery; elements 601st AA Btn with 20mm and 35mm guns; FAA airfield personnel
          joined on day of battle by: one Coy, 12th Inf Regt; C Coy 25th Inf Regt
          Total forces - approx 1,000

          Group Capt Pedroza FAA,
          Lt Col Piaggi, 12th Regt, ground forces

          Battle summary map below

          Approach to Darwin - Late on Wednesday 26th as some 500 men of 2 Para move south towards Darwin, there is much uncertainty about Argentine strength in the area. However by the time of the surrender, and after allowance is made for the nearly 50 killed (not the originally reported 250), there are over 1,000 POW's including the 12th Inf Regt and a Coy from the 25th. With their approaches mined, the infantry are in well-prepared defensive positions, especially between Boca House and Darwin half way down the isthmus, and for support can call on 105mm artillery, AA guns later in the ground defence role, and attack aircraft from Stanley.
          By early Thursday morning (27th), 2 Para has marched the eight miles from Sussex Mountains and reached the holding position at Camilla Creek House where most lie up all day. Two patrols from C Coy probe forward towards either side of the isthmus to plot some of the enemy defences, but later pull back under fire. (1 - map below) And then early that afternoon, two Harrier GR.3's attack Argentine positions with CBU's, and in a subsequent strafing run, one of them is hit probably by 35mm Oerlikon fire and crashes to the west of Goose Green [b27]. Sqdn Ldr Iveson ejects and hides up before being rescued three days later.

          That night, the three 105's of 8 Bty RA and their ammo are flown to Camilla Creek House by No.846 Sea Kings, and "Arrow" heads into Grantham Sound, opening fire from there under the control of a naval gunfire observer. A later turret fault is repaired and she remains on station supporting the paras advance towards Darwin, when with the threat of air attack at dawn, has to return to San Carlos Water. Meanwhile that same evening, 2 Para moves off the two miles to the start line with C (Patrol) Coy leading the way. With D Coy at first in reserve, A and B Coy's wait on either side of Burntside Pond, the mortars to their rear, and the fire support company with its Milans initially across Camilla Creek from the forward Argentine positions. Early on Friday the 28th, the men of 2 Para prepare for a night attack against largely unknown forces across the open ground of the Goose Green area, five miles long and over a mile wide.

          1. British aircraft lost west of Goose Green - [b27] Harrier GR.3 (27th)
          SUMMARY OF MAIN EVENTS - 28th May 1982

          Early morning.....
          2. A Coy 2 Para occupies Burntside House
          3. B & D Coys 2 Para move forward towards Boca House
          4. A Coy moves past Coronation Point
          5. B & D Coys come up against strongpoint at Boca House
          6. A Coy comes up against main defences along Darwin Hill
          .... to dawn

          By midday - A Coy has taken and holds Darwin Hill, and B and D Coy's have finally silenced Boca House

          7. British aircraft lost west of Camilla Creek House - [b28] Scout (11.55am)
          8. Argentine aircraft lost on return to Stanley - [a58] Pucara (c12.00pm)

          From midday ....
          9. D and C Coys head towards Goose Green airfield
          10. B Coy circles around airfield to cut off Goose Green
          11. Argentine aircraft lost near Goose Green Schoolhouse - [a59] Aermacchi MB-339A, [a60] Pucara (both 5.00pm)
          12. Harrier GR3's hit Argentine AA positions
          13. Argentine helicopter-borne reinforcements continue to arrive
          .... to dusk

          The Battle for Darwin and Goose Green, Friday 28th May - (2) At 3.30 am, A Coy moves off on the left and attacks Burntside House believed to be occupied by an Argentine platoon, but finds no-one there other than four unhurt civilians. (3) At 4.10 am, B Coy starts forward from the other side of Burntside Pond down the right flank with D Coy following them long the middle. With artillery support on both sides, B and D Coy's are soon in confused action against a series of enemy trenches, and as they slowly make progress, (4) A Coy moves past unoccupied positions at Coronation Point. Leaving one platoon of A Coy to provide covering fire from the north side of Darwin, the remainder start to circle round the inlet to take the settlement. As dawn breaks, the attacks on both flanks bog down as (5) B Coy comes up against the strongpoint of Boca House and (6) A Coy finds that a small rise, later known as Darwin Hill, is the key to the Argentine defences. Not until midday will 2 Para break through.
          As A Coy is hit and goes to ground, Lt Col Jones and his Tac HQ come up, and another attempt to push forward is made which leads to two officers and an NCO being killed. He then moves off virtually on his own, and is soon shot and dying in an action which leads to the award of a Victoria Cross. Maj Keeble is called up from the rear, and leaving A Coy to slowly wrest Darwin Hill and pulling B Coy slightly back from Boca House, orders D Coy to move round them on the far right along the edge of the sea. Now in daylight, the battle continues with the Argentines helicoptering in their first reinforcements and flying more support missions. The first attack by Falkland's based aircraft took place earlier when a Grupo 3 Pucara was hit, probably by a Blowpipe SAM, but limped back to Stanley. (7) The next sortie by two more Pucaras catches two Royal Marine Scouts on their way in to casevac Lt Col Jones. Capt Niblett manages to evade them, but Lt Nunn is killed by cannon fire and goes down near Camilla Creek House [b28]. ( One of the Pucaras is later found to have crashed into high ground returning to Stanley [a58].

          By midday, A Coy has taken and holds Darwin Hill, and B and D Coy's have finally silenced Boca House. Still under fire, (9) D and C Coy's head towards the airfield and Goose Green while (10) B Coy circles east to cut off the settlement. During the attack towards the schoolhouse, three men of D Coy are killed in an incident involving a white flag. (11) Now into the late afternoon, aircraft from both sides come on the scene, starting with two MB.339's of CANA 1 Esc and two Pucaras of Grupo 3 which hit the school area. One of the Navy jets is brought down by a Royal Marine Blowpipe [a59], and minutes later one of the Pucaras drops napalm and the other is shot down by small arms fire [a60]. (12) Then three Harrier GR.3's bring much needed relief by hitting the AA guns at Goose Green with CBU's and rockets.

          With evening approaching and the Argentines squeezed in towards Goose Green, (13) more reinforcements arrive to the south by helicopter, while to the north, J Coy 42 Cdo is flown in reinforce 2 Para but too late to join in the fighting. Two Argentine POW's are sent in to start negotiations which last most of the night, and next morning, Group Capt Pedroza surrenders all his forces to Maj Keeble. British losses are fifteen men from 2 Para, a Royal Engineer and the Marine pilot, and 30 to 40 paras wounded. Many of the 1,000 Argentine POW's including the FAA men sail on "Norland" to Montevideo in early June.

          David Norris, "Daily Mail", Brigadier J H Thompson RM, 3 Commando Brigade, Colour Sergeant Cotton, 2 Para, Major A Rice RA and Lieutenant Colonel H W Pike, 3 Para waiting to fly to 2 Para memorial service at Goose Green (Courtesy - Airborne Forces Museum) Supporting frigate HMS Arrow in more peaceful
          times (Courtesy - MOD, Navy)


          British Gallantry Awards - Some citations also include the Battle for Wireless Ridge*

          2 PARA
          Lt Col H Jones (post VC) OBE
          Maj C P B Keeble (DSO)
          Lt C S Conner (MC), C Coy*
          Maj J H Crosland (MC), B Coy*
          Maj C D Farrar-Hockley (MC), A Coy*
          Pte S Illingsworth (post DCM), B Coy
          Cpl D Abols (DCM), A Coy
          Sgt J C Meredith (DCM), D Coy*
          L/Cpl G D Bingley (post MM), D Coy
          L/Cpl S A Bardsley (MM)
          Sgt T I Barrett (MM), A Coy*
          L/Cpl M W L Bentley (MM), Medic
          Cpl T J Camp (MM), A Coy
          Pte G S Carter (MM), D Coy
          Pte B J Grayling (MM), D Coy
          Cpl T W Harley (MM), D Coy
          L/Cpl L J L Standish (MM)

          3 CBAS RM
          Lt R J Nunn (post DFC) RM
          Capt J P Niblett (DFC) RM
          Sgt W C O'Brien (DFM) RM

          656 Sqdn AAC
          Capt J G Greenhalgh (DFC) RCT*

          Battles of the Falklands War
          fuente:zona militar

          un saludo


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            video de la batalla aeronaval(requiere quicktime y paciencia)
            batalla aeronaval
            otro video operacion rosario
            malvinas or
            un saludo